State Line Pond

Current & Future Plans

PhotoThe lake is still beautiful and serene but used to be deeper and had less vegetation. Years ago, there were swimming areas and sandy beaches. Now, with the increasing amount of milfoil and other plants in the lake, it is likely that it will become completely overgrown and revert to swampland within just a few years.

The Association is committed to improving the lake's condition and increase the recreational opportunities it currently offers. Our long term hope is to dredge the lake to deepen it and make it suitable, once again, for swimming. In the meantime, however, the Association is seeking to raise funds to remove excess vegetation and take other steps to improve the lake's appearance and current flow, and to maintain the fish population. We are asking all of those interested in preserving and improving the lake to donate to this effort.

How does the condition of the lake affect values of properties on the lake?

See this survey for more information.